1111-1227 Arguello is envisioned as a mixed-use project featuring standalone 100% affordable multifamily housing, child care and office buildings.


Hines and Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco are pleased to start the process with the City of Redwood City for a preliminary proposal for a new mixed-use project at 1111-1227 Arguello Street along the Arguello Street corridor between Downtown and Whipple Avenue in the Centennial Neighborhood.


Hines and Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco believe this site is uniquely situated to capture the benefits of proximity to both Caltrain and the SamTrans Transit Center to reduce transportation impacts, while advancing the goals of the recent zoning district changes intended to create more mixed- use opportunities, including affordable housing, and other community benefits close to Downtown.

Project Elements

  • Partner with Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco to construct a 100% affordable ownership housing project consisting of 33 condominium homes all being two-, three- and four- bedroom units large enough for families
  • Preserve two Mezesville Historic District homes, which will be adapted to be used as a 4,000 square foot public child care center serving at least 30 children from the community
  • Conform to existing zoning and Redwood City’s General Plan
  • Develop approximately 300,000 square feet of office and amenity space


1111-1227 Arguello Street is an approximately 3.5-acre site made up of 6 parcels bounded by Whipple Avenue to the North, Arguello Street to the East, and Caltrain to the West.

The Project Site is located within the Centennial Neighborhood and in close proximity to Downtown Redwood City and is approximately 2000’ (or ½ mile) from the Redwood City Caltrain Station and the Redwood City Transit Center on James Avenue. The Project Site is also two blocks away from the nearest SamTrans bus stop, and an existing bike lane runs adjacent to the site down Arguello Street.

Community Input

Hines is committed to a robust, transparent, and collaborative partnership with the City, nearby residents, and other stakeholders focused on two-way communication, lots of listening, and delivering on City Council priorities—such as affordable housing, child care, and transportation—and exploring categories of community benefits based on the priorities of the adjacent neighborhood and citywide needs.

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Community Meeting Recordings

Community Meeting #2 - February 17th, 2022
Community Meeting #1 - April 8th, 2021
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